Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Zanzibar: Sun and Sand

After our seven-day trek up-and-down Kilimanjaro, we took a short flight from Arusha to Zanzibar for a few days of down time.  The resort we stayed at, Mvuvi Resort --- a smallish hotel featuring an onsite restaurant, small pool and hot tub, and beach front access --- was perfect for lounging around for a couple of days.  Aside from an excursion to a spice farm and a tour of Stone Town,  we didn't do much except wander the beach, lounge around in the sun, and eat.  
So long Arusha!  (Geneva of Africa?  Really?)
Boarding the 13-passenger propeller plane to Zanzibar.
Instrument panel looks complicated but the pilot spent more time completing paperwork than tending to the instruments
"Large People?"  Tact at its finest. 
Resort patio and restaurant
View from courtyard to beach
Down time
Indian Ocean
Coconut water:  Funny, this doesn't taste anything like the overpriced stuff at Whole Foods.
Canteen container and crowns!