Thursday, January 3, 2013

Ski for the Border

Take the chairlift up on the Austrian side, ski down into Switzerland (and vice versa).  That's one of the coolest things about Ischgl.  
Austria to the left, Switzerland to the right
As with the previous two Christmases, we trekked out to western Austria to ski, après-ski, and relax.  But unlike the previous two Christmas holidays, the new snow didn't arrive until the day after Christmas.  A little late, but a Christmas miiiiiirrrraaaacle all the same.
En route to Switzerland.  Had the Christmas miracle been duty-free shopping instead, then we hit the jackpot!
Straddling the border between Austria and Switzerland
Schnitzel over on this side, cheese over on that side
Switzerland that way,
Austria that way,
...and après-ski down this way.
On Christmas day, we traded in the downhill skis for the cross-country skis and skied out to a nearby lake (Kopssee).  
Leisurely 11.5 km out-and-back
On the return to the trail head, we traversed across a downhill ski slope then behind a ski hut with a view of the valley below.  Typical Austrian fare followed.
Goulash soup, fries, and Radlers