Friday, December 14, 2012

Rowing Slowly in Slovenia

Bled Island, situation mostly in the middle of Lake Bled, is the only true island in Slovenia (as opposed to a fake island?) and we rowed out to it.  The crossing certainly wasn't the most graceful, nor was it among the speediest crossings on record, but Lisa was once a coxswain so if things really started to fall apart en route, she could dole out a verbal beat down in order to right the ship.  

No breeze, no waves, no boat traffic:  smooth sailing!
The bow, engine room, and stroke
Almost there!
On the island there is a small church housing a 15th-century belfry with a 'wishing-bell' that can be rung if a special favor is sought.
"My wish:  to row in a straight line"
"My wish:  to row in a straight line" 
Wishes granted!
After returning to shore, we continued wandering around the lake --- a leisurely six kilometers --- with a detour up to an overlook.
Seems so close...
...yet so far.
After spending a day in Bled, we headed to Ljubljana by way of Predjama Castle and the Postojna caves.  
Looks pretty unassailable from here
20+ kilometers of passageways in the Postojna cave...
...yet visitors see less than six. 
And Ljubljana...
Cobble-stone streets and bike-friendly...just another European capital.
The dragon, the symbol of Ljubljana, at the entrance to Dragon Bridge

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