Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Love the Lederhosen (Again)!

Oktoberfest 2012!
Oktoberfest was so much fun last year we decided to go again.  And like last year, we went Bavarian style --- lederhosen for men and dirndls for women --- while celebrating all things Bavarian-beer...one glorious liter at a time.  Our group was a bit larger this year --- six Americans, five Germans, and one Australian --- so we managed to get a table in the Ochsenbraterei tent without having to queue by 8AM (thanks to a connection someone in our party had on the inside).  Most people are familiar with the general thrust of Oktoberfest --- a celebration of beer involving drinking, eating, dancing, and singing --- so I'll skip the explanation and get right to the pictures.

Welcome back!
Bier Nummer eins
Prost du Säcke!
Bier Nummer zwei
Bavarian love
Bier Nummer drei
Even more Bavarian love
Bier Nummer vier?  Ja, vier.
Big beers = People singing and dancing while standing on benches
The Oktoberfest venue from above...loads of lederhosen and dirndls down there!
Slides, roller coasters, a Ferris wheel, and Bavarian beer?  This place is like a playpen for adults!
The day after Oktoberfest we wandered around and sought shelter from the rain in, of course, a pub. 
Cheers to Oktoberfest!