Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Running Past The Little Mermaid

We were in Copenhagen for just a couple of days.  We arrived late on a Friday night, wandered around on Saturday, then ran the Copenhagen half-marathon on Sunday before returning to Vienna.  Copenhagen is a scenic city and very walkable (even more bicycle-friendly) making it an ideal destination for aimless wandering interrupted by the occasional beer, waffle, or both.  Aside from the half-marathon (which Lisa ran a personal best), we didn't have much of an agenda.  
Wandering through Churchill Parken
Quintessential Copenhagen?  Perhaps.  We would see the Little Mermaid while wandering the city and again during the half-marathon.
Pre-race day hydration
Waffle with soft-serve ice cream.  Pasta prior to the race?  Ha!
Nyhavn canal

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