Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Our Kittens Have Become Cats!

One year ago today, we adopted two rambunctious and mischievous kittens, Rudolfina and Zanoni.  Since their arrival, they've spent countless hours sleeping, grooming, eating, playing, staring out from the windows, and purring their way into our hearts.  But they've also shattered a mirror, knocked a bamboo plant off a cabinet, shredded a map tacked to a wall, pulled clothes off hangers and shelves, worn out two laser-pointers, and lost a handful of plastic balls and fuzzy mice.  No matter though, we love them anyway and are grateful for the immense joy they bring to our lives.
Our kittens have become cats!  Rudolfina on the left, Zanoni on the right.
This is their year, a random collection of photos...
Eighteen hours of sleep per day! 
Updating my Facebook status.  Let's see, "My sister is a prima donna --- what kind of cat needs conditioner?"
"Conditioner, please.  This shiny and soft coat doesn't come naturally."
"Water, faucets, sinks, bathtubs...we love bathrooms!"
"Statis-what?  And epi-what?  Your job is boring, but this drawer is cozy."
"But not as cozy as your chair..."
"...especially during nap time." 
"You should use this box for our Christmas presents."
"Or not.  Hanging out in the box is cool, too."
"One-upped you.  I'm chillin' in a box in a box."
"There is a bird out there taunting us.  Fighting.Back.Urge.To.Hunt."
"Ah screw it, being a predator takes work.  Being cute and in the way while our human overlord makes the bed is more fun."
"The second happiest day of our short kitty lives was the day we got this kitty condo..."
"...and the first was the day we were adopted by this benevolent human overlord and her mate."

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