Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Sound of Music...Drinking Game

I'm not really a Musical kind of guy.  I'm not sure why -- perhaps it's the sudden and frequent bursting into song or the cheesiness that always seems to be part-and-parcel to the whole production -- nevertheless, I've always had an aversion to them.  (I do, however, like and appreciate most types of music, including a cappella (go figure), so I don't regard my aversion to musicals as evidence of painfully poor musical taste.)   At any rate, when I chat with family, friends, and acquaintances about our post to Vienna, the musical "The Sound of Music" almost always comes up:  "Ohhh, Austria is such a beautiful country.  Have you seen 'The Sound of Music'?  Are you going to go on the Sound of Music tour in Salzburg?"  To which I reply:  "Yes, Austria is quite beautiful and no, I haven't seen it but if I had, I think I would do the tour in Salzburg."  Lisa and I have tried to make a sustained effort to see and experience as much of Austria  as possible so depriving ourselves of this quintessential pseudo-Austrian cultural experience seemed, well, just wrong.  (Lisa, in a freakish coincidence, also had not seen the musical prior to our moving here.) 

So we set out to watch the musical with a few friends, albeit with the edge taken off:  we made it into a drinking game!  We weren't the first people, though, to come up with idea -- a quick Google search of "Sound of Music" and "drinking game" returned a few decent hits -- so I simply combined the elements and rules I liked and created one suitable for a bunch of thirty-somethings that have neither the endurance nor the livers to handle nearly three hours of shooters.  We drank the flagship beer of Salzburg (Stiegl) instead.
We made it through the entire movie -- substituting beer for liquor was a prudent decision -- which made remembering excerpts from some of the songs much easier, although I'm pretty sure that wasn't a good thing.  Actually, I know it wasn't a good thing -- my frequent and pathetic mangling of "So long, Farewell / Auf Wiedersehen, adieu / Adieu, adieu / To you and you and you" during the following week was an assault to all of humanity and to Lisa in particular, since she was subjected to all of said outbursts.  Maybe next time we'll go with the shooters.

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