Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Two kittens, a scratching post, and a basket of kitty toys

We weren't really sure if we were ready.  I mean, Lisa and I are reasonably responsible people insofar as that responsibility is limited to the proper care and feeding of us, but to be responsible for another living thing?!  Well, after much consideration, we did it:  we adopted two(!) four-month old kittens!  The kittens are sisters -- from the same litter -- and when we met them, they seemed somewhat docile.  "Perfect," we thought, "they'll be a good introduction to cat ownership for Lisa."  So naive we were, but so very happy we were to welcome them into our little family on September 5th. 

This is Rudolfina:
And this is Zanoni:
"Is it take-your-kitty to work day?"
A beloved pink, plastic ball has already disappeared although I suspect we'll find it lodged underneath a bed, cabinet, or radiator...
And when they're not chasing plastic balls, fuzzy mice, and feathered wands, they commandeer the love seat as well as the two sitting chairs in the living room:
"What?  Oh, you can sit on the other cushion."
And the daily shenanigans...
"Time for a bath?"
"Actually, I'd prefer a shower."
...when they aren't chillin':
"What you're making looks much more appetizing than the chicken giblets in gravy we inhaled."
"I guess this view will do."


  1. That is so funny! They are probably into everything! Good luck you two!

  2. Indeed they are...two of our plants have taken a beating since they arrived, they leave paw prints all over the bathtub, and I have little kitty scratches on my hands. Thanks for the well-wishes!