Monday, August 22, 2011

"I've got a ten kroner..."

The guidebook we used referred to the residents of Stockholm, Sweden as "gorgeous and enviably fashion-literate."  (So much for wearing a Viking helmet with horns protruding from it all weekend.)  What Lisa and I don't have in enviably fashion literacy, however, we more than make up for in ridiculous references to American pop-culture.  Our three-day weekend to Stockholm had us channeling Seinfeld's David Puddy when he is counting the change from his and Elaine's Scandinavian vacation (the Swedes are on the same currency referenced in the Seinfeld episode):  "Well, I've got a ten kroner, a five kroner, a twenty kroner.  A fifty kroner?  How much is that?"  

Even if Stockholm weren't a beautiful city both environmentally and architecturally, the trip would have been worth it just for the more-times-than-is-funny kroner quote.  Here are a few of the photos taken in between David Puddy impersonations...
Stockholm is sometimes referred to as the "Venice of the North" since it is located on 14 islands straddling the mouth of Lake Malaren and the Baltic Sea.
One of the many narrow, picturesque Stockholm alleys
An August day in Stockholm
Apparently the chocolate- and pastry-loving Swedish version of Lisa started her own shop, although...'s probably a good thing Lisa isn't a chocolate or pastry chef, otherwise I'd probably eat way too many of these (cinnamon roll with cardamom dough)
This place, Chokladkoppen, has some of the best chocolate-infused drinks in Stockholm
The espresso-chocolate concoction at Chokladkoppen. Can't remember how many kroners it was, but well worth it.

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