Thursday, June 30, 2011

You can take the boys out of West Valley...

...but you can't take the West Valley out of the boys!  (Although now we're drinking the 'real' Budweiser -- Budweiser Budvar of the Czech Republic -- not the Anheuser Busch stuff.)
The Stiegl Radler -- a 50% beer and 50% lemonade mixture -- was Laura's.  Really.
And the hot dog has evolved into a spicy wurst (at least while in Vienna). 
My brother, Jake, and his wife, Laura, flew out to Vienna in early June and for two weeks, we hung out in Vienna, went to Rome for a long weekend, and -- just the two of them -- spent a few days in Prague.  What follows are several of the pictures taken during those two weeks...good times! 
The four of us atop the Kahlenberg

Our first stop on the way down from Kahlenberg:  a trail hut featuring beer, wine, and traditional Austrian food
And our second stop:  a heuriger (wine tavern) featuring wines from the heuriger's vineyard.  We stopped at another heuriger but weren't taking pictures by this point.  Go figure.
The drinking and eating, however, was sandwiched between a leisurely hike to and from Kahlenberg (~10 kilometers).  At least that's how we justified it.  
We also took them to Naschmarkt to stock up on fruits, vegetables, and bread.  It was warm out so we, naturally, sought out some refreshment.

We also took them to a "beach bar" -- as far as I know there aren't any any bona fide beaches in Vienna -- although that doesn't stop the Viennese from dumping a bunch of sand onto the pavement next to the Danube canal, setting up dozens of beach chairs, and serving all sorts of summery cocktails.

Following two weeks of gorging on bread, cheese, beer, and wine, Jake and I had nearly enough.  Or so we thought...
Jake:  "I think I see a beer & wurst stand down there."  Me:  "No worries. I''ll find one on the IPhone in a moment."

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