Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Near the start line (photo taken from www.vienna-marathon.com)
Lisa and I have been living in Vienna, Austria for just over nine months.  And although coincidental, the nine month anniversary of our arrival happened to be on the same day as the Vienna City Marathon (VCM).  There are, of course, more leisurely ways to celebrate an anniversary (wine anyone?), but given that Lisa and I had spent the better part of the winter enduring cold, wet, and dark jaunts throughout Vienna, I suppose there was no better way than running 26.2 miles through that very city on a glorious, sunny day. 

As for the race itself, the organization is top-notch and the course is relatively flat and scenic.  Although nearly 30,000 runners participated, not everyone ran the full marathon -- a half-marathon and four-leg relay were also part of the VCM.  A reported 400,000 people lined the course to cheer on the runners.  As for Lisa and I, we went the full distance -- perhaps a little worse for wear after finishing -- but what kind of anniversary would it be without a headache, hangover, or sore body? 
Feeling decent at this point (~mile 10)


  1. Favorite parts of the race: the guy in hot pink knee socks, lederhosen, and a green felt hat, and the German pop music at Mile 6. (We passed on carbonated water stops, though.) Love Austria!

  2. Beer at the aid stations? I hope....

  3. @Brian -- Sadly, no! I thought of all races, this one would feature a beer table somewhere between mile ~20 and the finish. So, so disappointing. As much beer as the Viennese drink, they apparently aren't drinking it while slogging through a marathon...