Monday, November 29, 2010

Marco? Polo. Marco? Polo.

Venice, Italy is situated on a lagoon.  If you've been there, you get it:  water is everywhere, parts of the city are prone to flooding, cars aren't allowed in the city, the asphalt "streets" are more akin to sidewalks, and boats of various shapes and sizes move people and goods throughout the city.  If you haven't, however, long-winded descriptions just can't do it justice, so I'll get right to the pictures...
View from the Rialto Bridge (Ponte di Rialto).  Tourists crowd this bridge snagging pictures of the Grand Canal below.
The Grand Canal is, essentially, Venice's Main Street -- vaporettos (public water taxis), private taxis (for the well-heeled), and gondoliers all navigate this 3.5 km stretch of water.
The Grand Canal
And not surprisingly, the Venetians also move the goods that keep the city running by boat:
The smaller and less congested canals (and streets) evoke both charm and surreality.

As cliched as it is, a trip to Italy isn't quite complete without the pizza.   Although I was happy to oblige, I figured I'd mix it up a bit and order a pizza with 'pommes fritas'.  Who knew that the pizza would actually come topped with fries?!   (Seems so obvious now...)

Pizza with Pommes Fritas.  Not quite sure what to think.

Another pizza a couple of nights later as an act of redemption.

I'm not usually one for cheese unless it's on a pizza or accompanied by a glass of white wine, but I'll make an exception for an evening gondolier ride. 
Onward Gondolier!

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