Sunday, October 17, 2010


Festivals seem to be an integral part of Viennese life.  Every summer -- mid-June through mid-September -- the plaza in front of the Rathaus (Vienna City Hall) is home to a nightly film festival featuring a re-broadcast of either a concert symphony, play, or opera with the viewing area flanked by food stands from over a dozen local restaurants (of varying cuisines), as well as a local brewer.  No matter what night it is, the festival draws a crowd, although one night in mid-August drew a particularly large and young crowd:  the re-broadcast of a DJ Tiesto concert.  And as if that weren't cool enough, an Electronica Music Festival occurred earlier in the day with the city allowing a major boulevard in front of the Rathaus to be closed off so that over a dozen tractor trailers doubling as mobile DJ booths and dance floors could turn the city center into a veritable dance club.  Good times!

The Rathaus adorned with an AIDS ribbon (the bi-annual international AIDS conference was held in Vienna this year).

"I am Vienna".  Well, not really, but if the Austro-Hungarian empire had annexed Scandinavia a hundred years ago I might be.
I think she is more Belgian than not.
He should be Viennese with moves like that!

No open-container laws! 
The enormously large film festival screen.  The Rathaus is behind it.
DJ Tiiiiieeeeeeestoooo!

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